The Holy Spirit is in You

My Mom, Linda K. Zauzig, writes about her recent experience of feeling the Holy Spirit last Sunday, May 20, on Pentecost Sunday. Have you ever felt the Holy Spirit in you? Leave your stories below in the comments!

I want to tell you about a really wonderful thing that happened to me in church yesterday. I had come back from communion and had my eyes closed, listening to the choir.  I realized that I was feeling the Holy Spirit in my heart, because when that happens, my heart beats really fast even though I’m perfectly still. This has happened for as long as I can remember.  It is how I know the Holy Spirit is there with me.  Then all of sudden, I heard in my head — in a neutral sounding voice, is the best way I can describe it — saying “Linda, The Holy Spirit is in you, and He is protecting you.“ It was Pentecostal Sunday, which I didn’t know what that meant.  It was a very busy day in church because the bishop was there commemorating 200 years of the church’s founding and also it was Pentecostal Sunday.  They had a really great service where they incorporated many different languages as the sermon.  Chuck asked me at lunch what the Pentecost meant and I said I don’t know but let’s Google it later. That evening, I Googled Pentecost, and it is when the Holy Spirit came upon the apostles on the 10th day after the ascension of Christ.  In other words, it is all about the Holy Spirit literally wrapping around the apostles.  In pictures, it is portrayed as fire around the apostles. What makes this story more poignant is that I wasn’t aware that’s the significance of what Pentecost meant, but I was graced with the message that the Holy Spirit is with me and is protecting me — on Pentecostal Sunday, which is utterly amazing. 

Two Feathers this Week!

Angels sent me two feathers this week and it’s only Wednesday! 

Sunday evening, after dinner, my husband and I were in the kitchen talking. I was holding our cat, Bonkers. A pretty, fluffy, white and brown feather cake floating down right in front of me!

Yesterday evening I found this white feather in  my bedroom in front of the dresser. The apartment was just cleaned and vacuumed just a few hours earlier!

The Warmth of the Holy Spirit

October 1, 2017. Where did the Summer go? Where did this year go? Time is moving faster and faster! Today’s the perfect Fall day. Crisp,  cool air and sunny. I took a walk around a local lake and stopped to enjoy a bench in the sun. It was a warm relief from the chilly wooded trail. As I soaked up the sun, I remembered the day the Holy Spirit washed over my body.
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A Visit from Scout

I had a dream the other night that Scout was still here on Earth with us.  I know it was a visit from Scout (my kitten who passed in March) because it was a vivid, lifelike dream and I can still see it in my minds eye. 

I dreamt my husband and I were at home. But, it wasn’t our current home. It was a condo on the beach. I eventually want to live by the water. I keep asking God to make this happen! I went outside on the patio and I said casually, “Oh, there’s Scout.” Continue reading “A Visit from Scout”

Feather Water

A few weeks ago I was in New York City for a quick 24 hour business trip. I was nervous about catching my train on time and I knew I’d be exhausted after the whirlwind trip. The only saving grace was I would be able to meet up with my stepbrother after work and eat dinner together.

The days leading up to the trip and before I left, I prayed to God that he would go before me and ensure I have safe and stress-free travels and successful meetings.  Continue reading “Feather Water”

A Tuesday Miracle

Earlier this week, on Tuesday morning, my Mom sent me a article on Facebook Messenger about how angels communicate with people.  The article mentioned feathers (check!), numbers (check!) and ringing in ears (check!).  I read the article and wrote back to her. I told her I heard angels communicate to people by sending downloads to people’s ears and I get them a lot.  She saw I replied and opened Messenger. A reply to my comment was already typed but not sent. She didn’t type it. Continue reading “A Tuesday Miracle”

A Chance Encounter

Photo by Mike Krowe

It was a hot July Atlanta afternoon. I was visiting Atlanta attending a conference for work. My husband, Mike, and I never had the opportunity to visit Atlanta so he took time off to travel with me and explore a new city together.

During a lunch break, we ate a quick lunch and then walked around Midtown before I had to head back to the conference, resuming shortly. I noticed a puppy across the street walking around aimlessly and getting close to the busy street. I looked for his owner which I thought would be a short distance away. I saw no one who looked to be associated with the puppy. We quickly crossed the street to see what the puppy was up to. I whistled and he turned around and came trotting over to me. His coat was soft and clean but he had no collar, no tags, and no leash. He was adorable but too skinny and thirsty. Was he lost? A stray? I instinctively picked him up and we started walking toward the street I saw him come from. Maybe his owner was frantically looking for him. We only saw an empty street and a homeless man sleeping, completely unaware of any crisis. Continue reading “A Chance Encounter”