Month: February 2017

Hello from Linda!

I’d like to introduce my mom, Linda Zauzig. An Earth Angel, my best friend, animal lover, poet, mother, wife, writer and Grandmother-to-be! She will be a frequent guest blogger and we’ll share her many bella blessings in her own words. She has shaped and strengthened my faith and trust in God. We’ll start with this beautiful poem: Continue reading “Hello from Linda!”

“Hi Kristen”

Angels communicate to us through objects (i.e. feathers), numbers, verbally and some people can even see angels! 

The first time I heard an angel, I was as work.  I was standing in the hallway next to a fire exit stairwell chatting with a few co-workers.  I heard a voice loud and clear, just like you hear someone standing next to you, say, “Hi Kristen.”  I looked around and didn’t see anyone new join the conversation, where it would make sense to start off saying “hello.”  It seemed like the voice was 9 feet above me next to the Exit sign pointing to the stairwell.  Continue reading ““Hi Kristen””

Hello World!

When I finished college a semester early at 21 years old, I didn’t know what I wanted to do as a career.  I studied Communications with a minor in Public Relations but I wasn’t passionate about it.  All I knew was I wanted to help people but I didn’t know how.  I interviewed at PR firms and explored other industries and I eventually landed a job at an educational non-profit.  I was excited to have a job offer and felt something special about this company! I justified that I was helping people every day by making my colleagues lives a little easier and helping the students the company served.  However, it never filled the void of truly helping people in a sense that I was looking for.  Continue reading “Hello World!”