Month: April 2017

Today Was a Good Day

This morning I woke up and I said to God, “thank you for something good to happen today.  Something unexpected and suddenly.” 

I started praising God like this on the morning of March 3.  The same day my beloved kitten, Scout died (read more about his story at Lessons from a Kitten).  The first day I asked God for something good to happen I lost my kitten, suddenly and unexpectedly.  But that didn’t stop me from repeating it again and again.  In the beginning, I would remember to say it on most days. Like any new habit it takes time to become routine. 

I feel like praising God instead of worrying, begging, complaining to Him helps manifest what we want and need quicker.   The past few days I’ve been in a slump as it happens to most people.  I was complaining and worrying a lot more than usual.  Then, it dawned on me (probably after all the hours I spent listening to Joel Osteen) “I am going to be happy now.  Continue reading “Today Was a Good Day”

Blessings After Work

After a particularly stressful day from work I saw three encouraging signs on my way home. The first is the license plate above, “BI F8TH.” I wasn’t sure what this meant so I asked my trusty advisors, my Dad and brother 🙂 One interpretation is “Blessed Faith.” The other “By Faith,” short for by faith alone. What do you think this license plate means?

I took a few steps and then found Continue reading “Blessings After Work”

Jesus Exists

Today is Easter 2017, the day Jesus rose from the dead!  I am excited to share a story about Jesus and a miracle my family witnessed in 1989. Written by my mother and my brother’s perspectives.  This story has been shared with family and friends over the years since it happened and now I have the opportunity to share it with you and the world!  I believe this happened 28 years ago to increase faith into anyone that hears/reads this story.

God knows us and our full lives from before we were conceived to our last breath.  He knows the steps we are going to take before we take them.  I believe God had the story play out as it did because He knew today, April 16, 2017, I would share the story with the story the world.  I believe my Grandmother did not get healed from cancer so our family and the world can strengthen our faith from this experience and know that Jesus does exist.  I was only five years old when this happened and if I had been able to read, I may have thought this was a normal experience and kept it to myself.  This day breathed faith into my life.  It’s all I know; that God truly exists.  I know it’s hard for some people to believe something they cannot see, touch, feel, hear with their senses, but that is what faith is all about. Believing the intangible. Continue reading “Jesus Exists”

What is Easter?

The Last Supper’ by Leonardo da Vinci

Easter is in two days on April 16 this year.  What is Easter?  Why do we celebrate Easter?  Easter typically entails the Easter bunny, dying eggs, an Easter egg hunt, a new spring dress, church and family gatherings surrounded by food.  I don’t know how a bunny and eggs got brought into the mix, but I do know that Easter is a time to celebrate the miracle of Jesus raising from the dead. Continue reading “What is Easter?”

Easter Blessings

Easter, 1989. Me and my brother at my Grandfather’s

Easter is right around the corner and I want to reflect on the meaning and memories Easter holds for me.  Easter is a time to remember and reflect on the sacrifice Jesus made for you, me, the world.  He gave his own life for our sins.  It also shows the miracles God can do as he raised his Son from death.  Easter is a time for renewals, a fresh beginning.  Spring has sprung, the flowers and trees are budding, baby animals are born, the weather is getting warmer and the days are getting longer. Continue reading “Easter Blessings”