A Visit from Scout

I had a dream the other night that Scout was still here on Earth with us.  I know it was a visit from Scout (my kitten who passed in March) because it was a vivid, lifelike dream and I can still see it in my minds eye. 

I dreamt my husband and I were at home. But, it wasn’t our current home. It was a condo on the beach. I eventually want to live by the water. I keep asking God to make this happen! I went outside on the patio and I said casually, “Oh, there’s Scout.” It was as if he should be there and it wasn’t unusual he died and came back! As I got closer he morphed into our newest kitty, Lacey. Then, I went inside and Scout was walking around the condo like he never left. Scout was full grown, not the tiny sickly kitten we adopted. They say in Heaven you return to a healthy version of yourself.


This wasn’t the first time a cat visited me in my dream. When my beloved orange tabby, Abby, died, he visited me. I can still see the vision in my head. He was happy and drinking the purest water I ever seen. Probably the kind of water we’ll find in heaven. 



Has anyone visited your dreams?

  • Linda zauzigSeptember 21, 2017 at 6:58 am
    This is similar to when I dreamed that I walked into my mother's kitchen and one of the kitties - I think it was Rooka -- who had passed was sitting on a stool and I said the exact same thing -- "Oh, there's Rooka" -- like he'd just been missing and I found him. Exact words!!Reply

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