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A Tuesday Miracle

Earlier this week, on Tuesday morning, my Mom sent me a article on Facebook Messenger about how angels communicate with people.  The article mentioned feathers (check!), numbers (check!) and ringing in ears (check!).  I read the article and wrote back to her. I told her I heard angels communicate to people by sending downloads to people’s ears and I get them a lot.  She saw I replied and opened Messenger. A reply to my comment was already typed but not sent. She didn’t type it. Continue reading “A Tuesday Miracle”

3 Dimes – 2 Days


Yesterday as I was running errands, I found two dimes in two separate locations.  I didn’t think much of the first one. I was in a store where people could easily drop change.  The second, I thought, it may be a dime from heaven.  But, again, I was in a store where people could easily drop change.

This morning, I found a dime in my bedroom! Continue reading “3 Dimes – 2 Days”

Angel in Disguise or Friendly Neighbor?

Last Spring, after seven years of marriage and renting an apartment, my husband and I finally bought our first home, a condo. My office allows employees to take leftover boxes from deliveries before they are thrown out. Once a week, I scoured each floor of the office in search of free boxes to start packing up our apartment. The timing had to be perfect: 1) the contents of the boxes had to be unpacked (there were days I stalked the delivery guy, waiting for him to unpack the boxes and put them in the designated area and 2) you had to get there before someone else did!

One day, I collected a lot of boxes of all sizes. I loaded up my flatbed cart and started heading home. I live in walking distance of work and had to walk a short distance to get the boxes home. Continue reading “Angel in Disguise or Friendly Neighbor?”

Two Feathers – March 9, 2017

March 9, 2017 – a typical Thursday morning.  I woke up and went into the living room.  On my backup drive attached to my laptop, I found this feather.  Just one day after posting my first article about finding feathers from angels.  I feel like it’s a sign and encouragement from the angels saying “keep going!”

March 9, 2017, I found a feather on my computer.

Continue reading “Two Feathers – March 9, 2017”

When Angels are Near Feathers Appear

One way angels communicate to us is through feathers. I started discovering feathers after my Mom found her first feather. She was home, minding her own business, in and out of the same room multiple times throughout the day. Then, on one particular trip back into her bedroom, she found a green feather on her nightstand with no logical explanation. Continue reading “When Angels are Near Feathers Appear”

“Hi Kristen”

Angels communicate to us through objects (i.e. feathers), numbers, verbally and some people can even see angels! 

The first time I heard an angel, I was as work.  I was standing in the hallway next to a fire exit stairwell chatting with a few co-workers.  I heard a voice loud and clear, just like you hear someone standing next to you, say, “Hi Kristen.”  I looked around and didn’t see anyone new join the conversation, where it would make sense to start off saying “hello.”  It seemed like the voice was 9 feet above me next to the Exit sign pointing to the stairwell.  Continue reading ““Hi Kristen””