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The Warmth of the Holy Spirit

October 1, 2017. Where did the Summer go? Where did this year go? Time is moving faster and faster! Today’s the perfect Fall day. Crisp,  cool air and sunny. I took a walk around a local lake and stopped to enjoy a bench in the sun. It was a warm relief from the chilly wooded trail. As I soaked up the sun, I remembered the day the Holy Spirit washed over my body.
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Today Was a Good Day

This morning I woke up and I said to God, “thank you for something good to happen today.  Something unexpected and suddenly.” 

I started praising God like this on the morning of March 3.  The same day my beloved kitten, Scout died (read more about his story at Lessons from a Kitten).  The first day I asked God for something good to happen I lost my kitten, suddenly and unexpectedly.  But that didn’t stop me from repeating it again and again.  In the beginning, I would remember to say it on most days. Like any new habit it takes time to become routine. 

I feel like praising God instead of worrying, begging, complaining to Him helps manifest what we want and need quicker.   The past few days I’ve been in a slump as it happens to most people.  I was complaining and worrying a lot more than usual.  Then, it dawned on me (probably after all the hours I spent listening to Joel Osteen) “I am going to be happy now.  Continue reading “Today Was a Good Day”

Hello World!

When I finished college a semester early at 21 years old, I didn’t know what I wanted to do as a career.  I studied Communications with a minor in Public Relations but I wasn’t passionate about it.  All I knew was I wanted to help people but I didn’t know how.  I interviewed at PR firms and explored other industries and I eventually landed a job at an educational non-profit.  I was excited to have a job offer and felt something special about this company! I justified that I was helping people every day by making my colleagues lives a little easier and helping the students the company served.  However, it never filled the void of truly helping people in a sense that I was looking for.  Continue reading “Hello World!”