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What Easter Brings

Easter is only 23 days away.  Below is a poem written by my Mom on April 15, 2014.  She describes writitng the poem as “a poem that was daunting to write given the subject matter. Words cannot describe or do it justice.”

 What Easter Brings
By Linda K. Zauzig

His body gone, the cross shone bright,
the shadow of love remained.
The sins of mankind fell one by one,
too high a price He paid. Continue reading “What Easter Brings”

Hello from Linda!

I’d like to introduce my mom, Linda Zauzig. An Earth Angel, my best friend, animal lover, poet, mother, wife, writer and Grandmother-to-be! She will be a frequent guest blogger and we’ll share her many bella blessings in her own words. She has shaped and strengthened my faith and trust in God. We’ll start with this beautiful poem: Continue reading “Hello from Linda!”