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3 Dimes – 2 Days


Yesterday as I was running errands, I found two dimes in two separate locations.  I didn’t think much of the first one. I was in a store where people could easily drop change.  The second, I thought, it may be a dime from heaven.  But, again, I was in a store where people could easily drop change.

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Blessings After Work

After a particularly stressful day from work I saw three encouraging signs on my way home. The first is the license plate above, “BI F8TH.” I wasn’t sure what this meant so I asked my trusty advisors, my Dad and brother 🙂 One interpretation is “Blessed Faith.” The other “By Faith,” short for by faith alone. What do you think this license plate means?

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Lessons from a Kitten


Baby Scout

On March 3, our 11.5 month old kitten, Scout, passed away suddenly.  It turned out he had an enlarged heart and we didn’t know it.  Scout passed at home very quickly from a heart attack.  That night, as usual, he ate dinner and then started cleaning himself.  The next minute, he tensed up and passed within a minute with me and my husband, Mike, right by his side.  I don’t think he knew what happened. He made no sound and looked very peaceful as I held him in my arms as my husband rushed us to the emergency vet.  We prayed the entire way. There was nothing else we could do and I believed if God wanted to perform a miracle he would and could.  Continue reading “Lessons from a Kitten”

Hello from Tigger

My husband’s beloved family dog, Tigger, passed away in March 2011. He and I had a special bond. I liked to dress him up in different headbands to coordinate with each season. It started with my family’s dog, Reason’s, antler headband for Christmas.

My family’s dog, Reason, wearing his antler headband at Christmas

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