Hello from Linda!

I’d like to introduce my mom, Linda Zauzig. An Earth Angel, my best friend, animal lover, poet, mother, wife, writer and Grandmother-to-be! She will be a frequent guest blogger and we’ll share her many bella blessings in her own words. She has shaped and strengthened my faith and trust in God. We’ll start with this beautiful poem:

Spirit of Him
By Linda K. Zauzig

The Spirit of Him
came to me and
lifted the veil.
He came and infused
His light into my
Young heart.
I didn’t understand
what I lacked
but knew instinctively
His Force would guide me even when
I wasn’t worthy.
Are we ever worthy?
When our prayers fall
by the wayside,
He still hears our
Unspoken fears.
He still watches
and protects us from
He still salvages
our lives from our
He still is our Father.
And we walk around
Thinking we are in
but it’s laughable.
We are amoebas
And cells
With a brain
And a heart;
Human beings
Just getting through
the day,
And we seldom
feel the
soft breath at our back
and kind hands
lifting us when we
gently pushing
us forward on fat
wobbly baby legs
in the right direction.

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