Jesus Exists

Today is Easter 2017, the day Jesus rose from the dead!  I am excited to share a story about Jesus and a miracle my family witnessed in 1989. Written by my mother and my brother’s perspectives.  This story has been shared with family and friends over the years since it happened and now I have the opportunity to share it with you and the world!  I believe this happened 28 years ago to increase faith into anyone that hears/reads this story.

God knows us and our full lives from before we were conceived to our last breath.  He knows the steps we are going to take before we take them.  I believe God had the story play out as it did because He knew today, April 16, 2017, I would share the story with the story the world.  I believe my Grandmother did not get healed from cancer so our family and the world can strengthen our faith from this experience and know that Jesus does exist.  I was only five years old when this happened and if I had been able to read, I may have thought this was a normal experience and kept it to myself.  This day breathed faith into my life.  It’s all I know; that God truly exists.  I know it’s hard for some people to believe something they cannot see, touch, feel, hear with their senses, but that is what faith is all about. Believing the intangible.

 Jesus Exists
  By Linda K. Zauzig

I call this the first miracle that blessed my family so many years ago, and it happened at a time of utter sadness. My mother-in-law, Pat, had just passed away from a horrible battle with cancer. She fought courageously for many months but the dreadful disease took her life in November of 1989.
I need to fill in some background as to how this story evolved. My babysitter at the time, Maureen, was friends with a woman named Karlene who had a remarkable God-given ability to heal. Karlene had been part of a pilgrimage to Medjugorie, and while there, she was blessed with being in the presence of The Holy Mother. She realized after returning to the U.S. that she had been graced with the wonderful gift of being able to heal people in varying degrees. Her Catholic Church sanctioned her to use that gift in God’s name.

Knowing of my mother-in-law’s grave illness, Maureen put me in touch with Karlene, and she agreed to meet with Pat. They met and had a peace-filled time of talk and prayer. This meeting took place in Pat’s family room, which was set up as her sick room. After praying together, Karlene asked Pat what she was most concerned about. Pat, who was a very spiritual woman, told Karlene that she was afraid that since she had mostly only prayed to God and not Jesus that she feared she was in jeopardy of not being accepted into Heaven. Karlene simply replied, “If you prayed to God, then you also prayed to Jesus. There is nothing to worry about.” This message brought Pat great comfort and laid to rest a fear that she had been struggling with.

Upon leaving their meeting, Karlene confided in me that she did not believe a physical healing was possible but that Pat had very much received a spiritual healing. Ten days later, Pat passed away peacefully.

This takes us up to the day of Pat’s memorial service.

We attended the service and had returned to Pat’s house. We were there with my father-in-law, Glenn; my husband, Robert; our children, Kevin and Kristen; his sister, Barbara; his brother, John, and a cousin of Pat’s and his wife were also there. Kevin, who was eight years old, had gone upstairs to watch TV. Robert, Kristen and I were in the family room feeling sad and drained from all that death leaves in its wake.

Kristen, who was five, was sitting between Robert and I. I felt a tug on my sleeve, and she said, “Mommy, what does that say?” She was pointing up at the ceiling. I need to point out that this was the same room where Pat and Karlene had had their healing meeting. There was a big bay window with glass shelving that Pat had filled with beautiful keepsakes of glass — vases, figurines, etc.

The sun was shining brightly in through the window. Kristen was pointing up at the ceiling wanting to know what something said. When I looked up, there, in bold letters, was written on the ceiling, “Jesus Exists.” Clear as day.

I looked at Robert and said, “Do you see that?!!”

Being a very analytically-minded man, he got up and started moving the vases and items around on the shelves to see if that displaced the letters. Nothing moved. “Jesus Exists” remained on the ceiling.

Right at that time, Glenn and the other couple decided that we should go to lunch.
When I think back on that, it amazes me that Robert and I were able to get up and leave the miracle on the ceiling. This was before cellphones, so we didn’t even get to take a picture. Despite not having a photo, nothing has faded my memory of those healing words.

I remember feeling the terrible burden of pain and loss lifted off me, replaced with a feeling of joy in my heart. I knew without a doubt that Pat had found Jesus waiting for her, enveloping her in his loving, welcoming arms, and this was her message to us that she was in Heaven and all was well.
Upon arriving back from lunch, I ran into the family room to see if the message was still there. To my disappointment, it was not. I believe that God used the eyes of five-year-old Kristen to give our grieving family a message of hope and promise that eternal life really does exist with Jesus.

John 11:25, “I am the resurrection and the life. He that believes in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live.” I also believe that Jesus Exists was Pat’s final gift to her family to let us know that, “I am with God. Be at peace. We will one day be reunited.”

Kevin (left), Grandma Pat (middle), Kristen (right)

Seeds of Faith

by Kevin R. Mayer

The seeds of my faith were planted and nourished from early in my life. I was baptized as a baby and raised in a home where God’s existence and praying before bed were part of daily life like eating or breathing. My grandmother Pat provided a kind and gentle witness to God’s love and presence. My grandmother loved me very much. She called me her “little hummel” – hummels were figurines of children doing cute things. She loved to spend time with me, and one of my earliest memories was her reading the Bible to me. My grandparents lived near Mount Vernon, and she liked to take me for walks along the Potomac River. On our walks we would sing Christian songs. She planted a seed for praise and worship that was a joyful part of everyday life.

When I was eight years old, my grandmother died of lung cancer. This was very sad, but in this experience she gave one last gift of incalculable value. Before dying, she said something to this effect, “if I leave my family with riches, but not faith, they will be poor indeed. If I leave them with only faith, they will truly be rich.” Her whole life was a testimony to faith in God, but God who cannot be outdone in generosity gave us one more gift. After my grandmother’s memorial service, while my family was at my grandparents’ house my sister noticed something on the ceiling. She was too young to read yet, but she recognized letters on the ceiling and asked my parents what it said. They looked up and saw written in letters of light: JESUS EXISTS. My father moved things in the room that could have caused these letters, and even closed the curtain on the window, but the letters did not move. They were not caused by a natural occurrence; we believe they were a miracle. The letters eventually faded away but the memory still evokes awe and faith.

Another seed was planted in my life around this time. My grandmother was a devout Christian, but was concerned that she did not pray enough specifically to Jesus. When she prayed she called God, “God.” Of course she believed in Jesus and prayed to Him but also had this concern that she didn’t pray enough specifically to Jesus. At the time, my sister and I would go to the home of a family who lived nearby for day care. The woman who watched us had a friend who spoke with God and prayed with people for healing. We knew that it would be great for someone to come visit my grandmother who could pray for healing and possibly even give a message from God. She came to my grandmother’s house and addressed her worry, and reminded her that Jesus is God. With that truth, my grandmother was at peace. A physical healing did not happen that day but a spiritual healing did. My grandmother died in peace with a smile on her face as bells rang from a nearby church, which we took as a sign of hope that the angels had come to take her to Jesus. This is also why “JESUS EXISTS” was a perfect message that confirmed with the confidence of an eye-witness the truth that brought her final peace: Jesus is God.


  • BethApril 16, 2017 at 11:44 am
    That was really beautiful and very very special! I loved my Aunt Patty very very much and always enjoyed her visits.... This is the first time I heard this story, it brings peace as her life was to short. Definitely with Jesus and her Sisters and our other family that has moved on. Peace Happy Easter!Reply
    • Kristen KroweApril 16, 2017 at 6:09 pm
      Beth, I'm glad you enjoyed the story. In know she loved you very much and even though her life was too short she gave us this amazing blessing of faith in our lives that will last for eternity. Happy Easter!Reply
      • BethApril 18, 2017 at 7:22 am
        Yes that is true!Reply

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  • Cindy BrooksApril 23, 2017 at 11:04 am
    I love this story!Reply

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