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Today Was a Good Day

This morning I woke up and I said to God, “thank you for something good to happen today.  Something unexpected and suddenly.” 

I started praising God like this on the morning of March 3.  The same day my beloved kitten, Scout died (read more about his story at Lessons from a Kitten).  The first day I asked God for something good to happen I lost my kitten, suddenly and unexpectedly.  But that didn’t stop me from repeating it again and again.  In the beginning, I would remember to say it on most days. Like any new habit it takes time to become routine. 

I feel like praising God instead of worrying, begging, complaining to Him helps manifest what we want and need quicker.   The past few days I’ve been in a slump as it happens to most people.  I was complaining and worrying a lot more than usual.  Then, it dawned on me (probably after all the hours I spent listening to Joel Osteen) “I am going to be happy now.  Continue reading “Today Was a Good Day”