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A Chance Encounter

Photo by Mike Krowe

It was a hot July Atlanta afternoon. I was visiting Atlanta attending a conference for work. My husband, Mike, and I never had the opportunity to visit Atlanta so he took time off to travel with me and explore a new city together.

During a lunch break, we ate a quick lunch and then walked around Midtown before I had to head back to the conference, resuming shortly. I noticed a puppy across the street walking around aimlessly and getting close to the busy street. I looked for his owner which I thought would be a short distance away. I saw no one who looked to be associated with the puppy. We quickly crossed the street to see what the puppy was up to. I whistled and he turned around and came trotting over to me. His coat was soft and clean but he had no collar, no tags, and no leash. He was adorable but too skinny and thirsty. Was he lost? A stray? I instinctively picked him up and we started walking toward the street I saw him come from. Maybe his owner was frantically looking for him. We only saw an empty street and a homeless man sleeping, completely unaware of any crisis. Continue reading “A Chance Encounter”