The Warmth of the Holy Spirit

October 1, 2017. Where did the Summer go? Where did this year go? Time is moving faster and faster! Today’s the perfect Fall day. Crisp,  cool air and sunny. I took a walk around a local lake and stopped to enjoy a bench in the sun. It was a warm relief from the chilly wooded trail. As I soaked up the sun, I remembered the day the Holy Spirit washed over my body.

My husband, Mike, and I were in our apartment bedroom. It was the night before he was to take the exam a second time to become a Certifed Financial Planner (CFP). He took a nine month course at Georgetown University and self studied for two years. He was nervous. The test pass rate at the time was about 60%. He sacrificed over two years of his evenings, weekends, time with family and friends to study. He did not want to fail the exam again. 

We held hands and prayed as we often do. This time was different. I felt my body become light and warm. It was quick. I was alarmed because I knew something was different and I broke the connection. We finished our prayer and went to bed. I knew the Holy Spirit entered my body and Mike’s through our hands holding. Next time, now that I know the feeling,  I’m going to keep the connection longer!

The next day, Mike left for day one of a two day, ten hour exam. He came home that afternoon unsure of how he performed. On day two, he left bright and early to drive into DC for the second part of the exam. Six hours of testing were ahead of him. To make it more stressful, he was in a different location from the previous day. This time he could hear ambulances and sirens in the background as he tried to concentrate on his exam. He came home exhausted and disappointed. He was sure he had failed. If he did, he would have to wait four months to retake the exam because the exam is only offered three times a year.

We wouldn’t get the results for weeks.

The weeks passed and finally the results were here. Anxiously Mike opened the results. He passed! His hard work and dedication paid off!

Most importantly, God gave Mike the strength and wisdom to finish the grueling process. Passing the exam and receiving the certification offered Mike the opportunity to not only help his clients but also to volunteer and offer his services pro bono at a local church.

This experience increased both of our faith even more.

I’ve learned God is always with you, but even more so when it’s the hardest and you need him the most.

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